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My self-paced courses are a great place to start for anyone who's new to cyclical living or working with psychedelics. Designed for beginners, this is an excellent option for people who aren't ready to invest in more

in-depth support.

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Awaken your Feminine Flow:
Intentional Microdosing for Women & Menstruators 

Awaken your Feminine Flow: Intentional Microdosing for Women & Menstruators is the first course centered around psilocybin & your cycle. Inside you'll learn how to honor your changing energy & emotions while developing a healing relationship with psychedelic mushrooms.

This is for anyone who's ready to build an intentional microdosing practice around your cycle to help reduce period pain, PMS & PMDD while boosting mood & creativity. Inside, you'll learn how to use my Cyclical Microdosing method with confidence & clarity.


One-part microdosing guide & one-part cycle education, Awaken Your Feminine Flow is for anyone who wants to partner with sacred medicine to heal their body, mind & soul.

Cycle Codes:
8-weeks to Cyclical Alignment

In this self-paced cyclical journey you'll learn to understand your cycle, connect with your womb & heal hormonal imbalances like PMS.

Includes lessons on: cyclical eating, cycle self-care & movement for each phase of the menstrual cycle.

Appropriate for menstruators 16 + up.

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Image by Jared Rice

Feminine Embodiment Library
Tools & Practices to Connect with your Divine Feminine Energy

For the first time, you have access to all of my tools & practices I use to connect with the divine feminine energy within. 

Includes: meditations, visioning journeys, embodied breath & movement & pleasure practices.

Looking for 1-on-1 Support?

Self-paced courses aren't for everyone. That's why I offer 1-on-1 and group coaching options. Follow the link below for details on my current offerings.

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