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Leslie Draffin

Somatic Psychedelic Guide 

I help self-aware, spiritual women step into their feminine power, heal their wounds & transform their lives through pleasure, psychedelics, somatic embodiment & cyclical living.

I'm here to help you come alive.

Psychedelics, pleasure, cyclical living & womb reconnection have been my biggest teachers in this lifetime. They've helped me heal from anxiety, depression, PTSD, burnout, grief, alcohol abuse & eating disorders. This medicine showed me I'm here to awaken women around the world so they too can stand in their power.

In my work:

  • I help reconnect you with your passion & purpose

  • I walk alongside you as you heal trauma, anxiety, depression & self-limiting beliefs

  • I teach you how to commune with psilocybin mushrooms so you remember who you are truly meant to be

  • I help awaken your womb so you can stand in your full power​

  • I show you how to live from your feminine flow & transform your world through cyclical living

If you're looking to:

- step into your divine feminine energy
- commune with sacred
Earth medicine
- heal from past trauma, heartbreak or loss
- heal period problems &
feel at home in your body
- fall madly in love with
your life
- ignite your purpose & passion

You've come to the right place.

Ready to Dive in?
Download my new free offer

Activate your Inner Magic: a Beginner's Guide to Intentional Microdosing

Learn how to activate your magic, unlock your subconscious, heal your hidden wounds & connect with your soul on its deepest level.

Includes: eBook, guided meditation, weekly & monthly microdosing tracker & more.

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Learn at your own pace options let you dip your toe into the world of cyclical living, womb healing & psychedelics.


One-on-One & Group coaching options available for those who are ready to make massive changes in their lives.


Mini-retreats, group & solo immersions for souls who want to explore expanded consciousness safely & sacredly.

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The Details

What's it like working with me?

  • In our first session, I'll gather information about your history, health & goals and together we'll form a plan to help you start your journey toward healing.

  • Then, I'll pull from my education in menstrual & womb health, energetics, psychedelic integration, meditation & somatic healing to create a unique & magical approach to help you transform your life.

  • Each session may include meditations, visioning journeys, embodiment practices, breathwork, educational lessons, therapeutic coaching & most importantly is a time for you to share what's on your heart & receive support.

  • As we work together, I empower you to become your own healer by showing you tools & modalities you can use to transmute your pain into power & live the life of your dreams.


Ashley, 1-on-1 Client

Alyssa, 1-on1 Client

Melissa, 1-on-1 Client

“Leslie has been amazing in every facet of this coaching experience, supporting me through my PCOS journey and teaching me HOW to be a menstruator. To all women who want to regain their power, Leslie will empower you.”

“I loved how Leslie fostered my relationship with micro dosing, my cycle and my intention. I have never felt so deeply connected, grounded, and alive. This journey transformed the way I move through my life.”

Through working with Leslie, I’ve been able to shift things in my life to better support my body and cycle, and overall am feeling more connected to my body. My periods have been lighter and less painful since implementing what Leslie has taught me.”

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